Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our week...

is always full of busy fun things!!!
1. School for 3 girls...busy end of the year projects and homework.
Rowena: Is pulling another 4.0 and if she pulls it again this quarter she will have a straight 4.0 all her years of Jr. High.
She got accepted into the IB program for High School
Brook: Is also getting a 4.0 and the top reader in her class...Her favorite thing to do is READ and RIDE her BIKE.
She is seriously considering joining the Orchestra in Jr. High and try her hands at the violin.
She got accepted into the Pre-AP program for Jr. High.
Courtney: Loves learning and it shows in the strides she has made in school. She is reading quite well and loves to work with numbers. Her favorite thing to do this week is build with legos and play school with Mackenzie.
Mackenzie and Mom are working on Counting and ABC's. She is doing well. She loves to play with play-doh and her baby dolls....she is quite the little mommy
Dad: Countinues to work long hours and I am thankful that he is such a hard worker and sacrifices for his family.
Mom: Countinues to try to keep the many hats on chaperone, cook, maid, reader of many stories, homework helper, lunch maker, referee. Right now in my spare time I am working on organizing my home one room at a time, Cooking healthy recipes, and Exercising. My Sister-in-law gave me her treadmill and I am up to 3.5 miles a day with jogging 1.5 of those miles. I feel like I am finally getting back into the grove and I feel so much better.
Rowena and I have been racing each other in reading to Book of Mormon...she informed me tonight that she has 2 chapters left....she is way a head of me, but I am almost done too!!!
A side note: A friend of mine has been a huge inspiration with going back to college while still being at home with her family. So I am looking at an online Bachelor's program for elementary education. I really want to get my degree and this program looks really AWESOME!!!

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jksfam said...

Such good news! Glad you're all doing so well!