Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm hoping to get back into BLOGGING

I miss blogging and I'm hoping to get back into blogging again! I have been so busy and have let this part of my life slip!
We have been enjoying this school year with the girls!
Rowena is a freshmen in high school and is doing well! She has been on the swim team and is doing very well!
Brook is in 6th grade! She did track this year and she is in orchestra!
Courtney is in 1st grade and loves to learn. She started reading a chapter book a couple of weeks ago.
Mackenzie is at home with me! She will start school this July....what will I do?
I have been so busy with all of the girls activites! I made two quilts for Courtney and Mackenzie for christmas this year! They turned out so cute! I also took on babysitting part time and that has been a lot of fun! I watch twin 3 yr. old girls and they are so cute!!! I'm hoping to pick a few more kids!
John countinues to work hard and very long hours! He is doing a presentation today for a group in our church!
I will post again soon!

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